***NEW WRITING WORKSHOP (FREE) Sat June17th, 2023***

I will be conducting a FREE all day writing clinic in association with the Morningside Heights branch of the New York Public Library—

The Writing Literacy Marathon with Writer/Editor Paul Assimacopoulos

(courtesy of The Writers Room @ The Morningside Heights Library)

Need help with your writing? We all do! Come to the Morningside Heights Library’s first-ever Writing Literacy Marathon. One-on-one tutoring for any writing topic—English usage, the finer points of style, even a speed-course in how to write a book. Bring in your fiction, nonfiction, articles, stories, poetry, assignments, or book ideas for quick but expert advice.

Limited lightning-round slots available, 15 MINUTE SESSIONS.

One session per person, no exceptions

More info, location, times, etc., HERE


Past Workshops:

Hi! I will be offering two no-nonsense, interconnected writing webinars on Zoom Wednesday, May 17, 2023—a late morning/lunch session and an evening session (see below for details) The price is $30 for one or both. There will be close overlap in the course content to accommodate attendees who can’t make both. Overcoming blocks is key to completing a book. Be sure to have pen or pencils and notepads on-hand for the many tools and takeaways.

Webinar 1: Introduction to Book Writing
Wednesday, May 17, 11:30 AM EST (40 minutes)

Webinar 2: Blank Page Fever: How to Overcome Writers Block
Wednesday, May 17, 7:30 PM EST (40 minutes)

Introductory Rate (for one or both) $30

Payments accepted:

Zelle: paulandrew@fastmail.fm or 917-379-1192

Venmo: https://venmo.com/Paul-Assimacopoulos

PayPal: strangersgatebooks@gmail.com

CashApp: $PAAtheWriter


After paying, please confirm your attendance by sending an email to:  PaulsLitShops@fastmail.com with “PAID” in the subject line.

Will send Zoom instructions (meeting ID/password) upon receipt of confirming email and payment. Please include a note with your email if possible.

Hope to see you there!



Individual Coaching, Writing/Creativity Workshops and Seminars
with Paul Assimacopoulos

(Scroll down for direct contact info)


I offer tailored, one-on-one coaching sessions for individual writers as well as conduct workshops of my own design with up to 10 participants for writers groups, organizations, and businesses. These cover various aspects of creative writing, whether fiction, nonfiction, academic, web, or business. I have facilitated these locally in New York, remotely, and internationally (TESOL/TEFL-certified). General info—

Individual Coaching Session (remote only)

Description: Determined after booking during pre-session interview.
Schedule and Format: 1-2 hours
Participants: 1
Price: $150
*The workshops below can also be scaled for individual sessions.


Hope, Habit, and Vision: How to Visualize and Complete a Book

Description: Here I share lessons learned from developing and completing books—an act that requires both planning and spontaneity—as a self-taught writer/editor and voracious reader with some early career successes and publishing credentials. Participants will learn the basics of how to visualize, set the terms for, and develop the creative habits, depth, hope, and drive to complete a book while allowing for discoveries along the way. Writers will take away both tips and useful tools for realizing their books and for getting them more successfully “out there” to agents or publishers.

Schedule and Format: 1 day, 3 hours total, scalable, depending on time constraints, attendance, etc. Talk, Q&A, Book Planning Session, Breakout 1-on-1 advisories.
Participants: 5-10
Group Price: $500–$1000 plus expenses, depending on group size and whether remote or in-person.


Writing From the Soul: A Writing-Creativity Workshop

Description: Writing From the Soul participants will learn how to add depth, color, idiosyncrasy (quirk), and authenticity to their writing by harnessing their powers of memory, observation, life experience, imagination, and storytelling, sourced from a space of relaxation where one can become more aware of thoughts and memories toward transcribing or transforming these into text. Writing From the Soul has a lot to do with effectively developing your own writing style and voice. It’s about getting up close and personal with your work while learning how to overcome obstacles.

Schedule and Format: 2 days, 3-hour session/day, scalable. Talk, Voluntary Impromptu Recollections (prompted), Writing/Memory Session, Breakout 1-on-1 advisories.
Participants: 5-10
Group Price:  $500–$1000 total, plus expenses depending on group size and whether remote or in-person.

Now Edit This

Description:  A more nuts-and-bolts, “roll-up-your-sleeves” interactive “guerilla” writer workshop focused on what editors do as well as self-editing. Now Edit This! kicks off with a candid “ask the editor” dialogue covering such topics as style, voice, the use or misuse of vocabulary, metaphor, and rhyme; the perils and challenges of self-editing; the power of “of” and “if”; strategies to eliminate clutter, evade cliché, maintain creativity, and how to transform nostalgia into “prostalgia.” Also on tap are practical insights into how to dilate shorter works, rein in longer ones, detangle scene or narrative jumbles, transform outlines, ideas, even dead-in-the-water projects into completed works. The seminar concludes with one-on-one consults over attendees’ work that promise immediately applicable, prose-enriching takeaways.

Schedule and Format: 1 day, 3-hr session w/pause, Breakout 1-on-1s.
Participants: 5-10
Group Price: $500–$1000 total plus expenses depending on group size and whether remote or in-person.


Accepted payment methods are Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Patreon. Arrangements can also be made for bank wire or e-check.

*To book Paul for a group workshop or individual session or inquire further, please email PaulsLitShops@fastmail.com